Conventional disposable nappies have a pretty heavy toll on the environment. They use petrochemicals, and when disposed in landfill they take forever to break down! We have a range of sustainable, affordable nappy options that will keep you and your baby happy.


Modern cloth nappies from Bio BumsBio Bums diagram

Modern cloth is the way to go for washable, re-usable cloth nappies that are practical, effective and easy to use. Bio Bums nappies are made from sustainable materials –  bamboo, organic cotton and hemp, designed and made in Australia.




Fully compostable disposables from Eenees

Designed in Tasmania, Eenees are the only disposable nappy endorsed by Compost Australia to be used in commercial composting. You can collect them in our Cardia Compostable bin liner bags and drop the used nappies back at our shop, where we have them taken to a commercial composting facility and turned into agricultural fertiliser!

eenees_olivia in upad with gripper belt


Biodegradable disposables from Muumi and Ecoriginals

Muumi (Finland) and Ecoriginals (Australia) are designed with biodegradeable, non-toxic linings that allow the nappies to quickly break down in landfill – unlike conventional disposables which stick around for years!