About EnviroShop

EnviroShop, founded by Mick Harris, started life as The Environment Shop and has grown to be one of the largest providers of commercial scale solar systems in Victoria, a trusted residential solar installer and expert and a thriving retail business with locations in Northcote and Newstead.

As well as our fantastic retail locations, we also have this great website where you can find solutions to your green needs.

About EnviroGroup, the Parent Company

The EnviroGroup team are experts in commercial and residential energy solutions, employing over 20 staff including experienced project managers, photovoltaic engineers, energy auditors, accredited solar designers, licensed installers, electricians and lighting designers. The company’s qualified and friendly staff have a broad combined experience working with renewable energy, water conservation and climate control systems. The EnviroGroup team work in partnership with businesses, government bodies, community groups and schools and are experienced in the management of grant submissions to Federal and State Governments.

EnviroGroup can offer substantial expertise in the areas of:

  • Energy consulting and engineering
  • Solar power and hot water
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Energy and water conservation
  • Grey water and other waste water systems
  • Insulation and climate control
  • Green cleaners, stationery and other consumables

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