Full Circle Suds Up Dish Brush

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A well- designed dishwashing product that has replaceable heads and can stand on its end for saving space- keeps your sink looking nice and tidy. 


Full Circle Suds Up Dish Brush

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  • Suds Up Dish Brush Stands on it's end
  • Suds Up Dish Brush cleans plate
  • Suds Up Dish Brush cleans
  • removable end cap with soap reservior
  • removable end cap
  • Suds Up Dish Brush cleans bowl


Wish dishwashing was a lot easier? With the Suds Up Brush, your dishwashing experience will never be the same. It’s well-designed to use both for quickly washing a couple of dishes under the tap, or a full sink load.

Made with environmentally friendly materials:  recycled plastic bristles, bamboo for the holder, and Bonterra  – a plastic made from plants. 

  • Has a reservoir of soapy water that is refilled from the end cap, which squirts directly onto dishes with the press of a button
  • The end cap used to hold in the soap is well sealed with an o-ring - it won’t leak
  • The bamboo for the holder has natural oils to tolerate water
  • Bristles made with mix of BPA free recycled plastic bristles and plant-based plastic - for tough scrubbing 
  • The main body and the end cap (blue parts) are made with Bonterra
  • Quality bristles designed to last, not curl over after a few weeks like cheap supermarket brushes
  • When the bristles finally go (don't hold your breath!), you can just replace the head with our Full Circle Suds Up Dish Brush refills 
  • Replaceable bristle head can also be swapped for a sponge head refill
  • Angled bristles for extra reach 
  • Stiff scraper on back for hardened grime
  • Stands vertically on its end for better drying and saving space when not in use -keeping bristles away from the bench and the sink area looking nice and tidy
  • Dimensions: 5cm x 6cm x 28.30cm

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