Natural Rubber Pacifier Orthodontic Soother

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Why expose your child to BPA when these pacifiers are BPA free and made from 100% natural rubber?

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Regular Price: $9.95

Special Price: $7.46

Natural Rubber Pacifier Orthodontic Soother

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Why expose your child to BPA when these pacifiers are BPA free and made from 100% natural rubber?

  • Made from all natural rubber; sustainable and pure
  • Made under European safety standards
  • No cracks, crevices or joints where bacteria can hide
  • Designed to gently touch baby's nose - more closely simulating breast-feeding
  • No allergens

When you buy a Natursutten pacifier, you and your baby avoid:

- Allergy-causing substances
- Artificial colors
- Cancer-causing substances
- Hormone-disturbing substances
- Chemical softeners
- Parabens, PVC, and phthalates

What is the Natursutten pacifier made of?

Natursutten pacifiers are 100% natural rubber, made from the tree Hevea brasiliensis.

My baby has a latex allergy. Can she use the Natursutten pacifier?

Yes, and no. The protein that on rare occasions can provoke a latex allergy is removed from the rubber mass used for Natursutten pacifiers. This means that there is no risk of provoking a latex allergy when using them. That said, we would never recommend using a product made from natural rubber for a child with a diagnosed latex allergy.

How often must Natursutten be replaced?

Natursutten should be replaced every 6 8 weeks. There is no harm in using it longer, but the pacifier will get darker and somewhat sticky if you use it for too long.

Why does my pacifier get darker with use?

A Natursutten pacifier will get darker over time, because its 100% natural rubber contains no chemicals or anti-oxidants to keep it light yellow. This is perfectly natural and to be expected.

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