Nokero N220 Solar Light Bulb

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A larger and powerful version of Nokero N200! The Nokero N220 solar light bulb is a great addition for emergency tool kits, outdoor and off-grid camping.

Nokero N220 Solar Light Bulb - White

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  • N220 Solar Light Bulb with Rechargeable Batteries
  • Rotatable to catch direct sun
  • Automatic on/off lights
  • Nokero N220 used in camping


The Nokero N220 solar light bulb is the larger and more powerful version of Nokero N200. This all-in-one solar and battery powered light bulb will provide you with bright light no matter how far from the grid you are.

Nokero N220 has a rotatable light fitting with 1 very bright LED light, and a solar panel on top to catch the sun. Electrical energy will then be stored in rechargeable (and replaceable) batteries. It also has a carabiner for easy hang and carry.

  • 1 bright LED light, two brightness settings (low & high)
  • Standard 2 rechargeable batteries: AA rechargeable batteries 
  • Rainproof and weatherproof*
  • Durable, long-lasting
  • Pivots toward the sun for maximum charging efficiency
  • Highly efficient solar panels 
  • Push-button three-way switch (hi-low-off)
  • Automatically switches off in bright light to save charge
  • Daily operation time: 3.5 hours (high), 6 hours (low)
  • Product dimensions: L 11.7 cm, W 11.5 cm, H 17 cm
  • Product weight: 170 g

*NOTE: The Nokero N220 solar light bulb can withstand a rain shower, but is not waterproof and should not be submerged underwater.

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About Nokero:

Nokero company stands for " No Kerosene" which aims to replace usage of kerosene, lamps and candles that may cause danger to homes. They manufacture solar powered lighting products that are weather and rain proof. Their goal is to provide affordable solar lighting to the developing world, and by buying one of their lights you are helping them to achieve this goal.

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