Power-Mate Lite

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The Powermate Lite is an affordable, portable energy usage/cost data and prediction tool.

Power Mate Lite


There is currently much discussion and concern about stand-by power, the high cost of electricity, greenhouse gas emissions, natural resources and the environment.

At last, you can have some control over your electricity account, help preserve our natural resources and have a beneficial influence on our environment.

Find out the running cost of an appliance. Determine the amount of greenhouse gas liberated when using an appliance. If I use a different thermostat setting or change the running time, what savings will result?

What is the mains voltage supplied to our house? How much current does this item draw? Is the wattage used the same as that shown on the unit's label? How much stand-by power are all the appliances consuming when left on & what do they cost? What VCR or TV do I purchase - let the stand-by running cost help you choose. Remember it is not only the purchase price that you pay - in the long term the stand-by power could effectively double the actual cost.

There are many appliances and items where it is difficult to determine the actual running cost due to their intermittent running behaviour. The Power-Mate is ideal to help you determine their hourly, quarterly and yearly running cost.

For business use, the Power-Mate Lite would make an ideal manufacturing aid. For instance an assembly line which assembles electric radiators and has 3 heat settings, the wattage drawn by each setting, including the fan only setting could be checked prior to final acceptance. If the applied voltage and supply current need to be checked simultaneously whilst testing something the Power-Mate Lite is very convenient and safe. The high resolution and sensitivity of the Power-Mate Lite allows measurements of 1/1000A and 1/10W to be accurately displayed.

There is no longer any reason why sales outlets for electrical appliances or whitegoods can not provide a potential customer with running cost or stand-by power information. Instead of displaying a few pretty energy stars on the appliance, why not show the actual running cost in dollars and cents and remove the mystery?

Internally all current and voltage conversions are to 24 bit precision, with digital filtering.

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