Give back to the earth and minimise your landfill input, by managing your food waste!

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  1. Tumbleweed Inground Worm Farm

    Composting Worm Feast Tumbleweed


    The Worm Feast is an in-ground feeding station where composing and naturally occurring earthworms process your food scraps & naturally fertilize your garden.

    Learn More
  2. Urban Composter Accelerator Spray

    Urban Composter Accelerator Spray

    From: $11.00

    Compost Accelerator spray for use in any kitchen composting system Learn More
  3. Urban Composter

    Urban Composter

    From: $49.00

    100% Australian-made kitchen composting system Learn More
  4. Bokashi Refill

    Bokashi Refill


    Bokashi - the active ingredient for the Bokashi Bucket recycling systems - is made from crushed Australian grains, and fermented with organically certified microbes. Learn More
  5. Biomaster Compost-it

    Biomaster Compost-it


    100% natural biological formula

    Learn More
  6. Cardia Compostable Dog Waste Bags

    Cardia Compostable Dog Waste Bags


    The number of dog waste bags used globally runs into the billions annually. Learn More
  7. Eenee Sampler Pack

    Eenee Compostables Trial Pack


    On the fence about these nappies?  Grab a sample pack of a couple nappies and a Gripper Belt to see if it will work for you.

    Learn More
  8. Can-O-Worms Worm Farm

    Composting Can O Worms - 2 tray


    The Can-O-Worms is an odourless, user-friendly system that allows anyone to participate in recycling. Whether you live in an apartment or have a backyard, you can provide  organic fertiliser for indoor plants and your garden. Learn More

  9. Tumbleweed Worm Bedding Block

    Worm Core Brick, bedding block


    Starting a worm farm? Don't forget this important ingrediant. Place the worm farm bedding block into a bucket with about 7 litres of water. As the bedding absorbs the water and expands, break it up into an even mix. The worm farm bedding block is 100% compressed coconut fibre (also called coir) produced in the coconut plantations of Sri Lanka. Once the worm farm bedding has broken down (about 15 min) spread it evenly over the cardboard in the base of working tray 1. Learn More
  10. Bokashi Bucket

    Bokashi Composting Bucket - Black


    Japanese designed low footprint food waste composting system - does meat and all!
    Bucket is made from ~70% post-consumer recycled plastic. Designed for use with Boskashi mix sold separately.

    Learn More

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