Solar Whiz Roof Ventilation System

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Quick Overview

The Solar Whiz is a powerful solar ventilator & heat extractor fan that operates completely without mains electricity. Keeps your house cooler in summer by extracting hot air from your roof cavity.

Solar Whiz

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Due to the size of SolarWhiz systems, delivery costs vary depending on system components and delivery address. If delivery is required, you will be provided with an estimated delivery cost after order confirmation (or call us for a chat before ordering).


cool your roof with solarwhiz ventilation

SolarWhiz is 100% Solar Powered with $0 running costs

Increase comfort in your home by cooling your roof

15 times more effective than whirly birds

At least 15 times more effective than standard whirlybirds

The Solar Whiz is like a super-charged Whirly-Bird. The solar panel powers a fan that actively pumps hot air out of your roof 15 times faster than a traditional Whirly-Bird.

The Solar Whiz can significantly reduce your cooling costs by using solar power to actively pump the hot air out of your ceiling, replacing it with cooler air.

Amazingly simple and incredibly effective. Don't spend another summer without it!

Turns On Automatically

The Solar Whiz will automatically turn on whenever there is enough sun on the solar panel, synchronising perfectly with when heat is building up in your roof cavity. With the optional (but highly recommended) fixed thermostat it will only switch on when the temperature in your roof exceeds 30 degrees Celsius, meaning it won't operate in winter, helping to keep your home warmer.

You also have the option of installing a fully adjustable thermostat and/or a Night-Time Operation Kit, which allows Solar Whiz to operate during those hot summer nights even after the sun goes down.These options are perfect if you are installing the Solar Whiz in a habitable roof space, such as a loft room.

Premium Quality

The Solar Whiz is robustly built and highly efficient. All parts are made from the highest quality components so you can be confident that your Solar Whiz will tick away for years and years to come with little or no maintenance.


How Does The SolarWhiz Work?

Learn more about Solar Whiz on YouTube


What are Eave Vents?

Solar Whiz Bushfire Rated Eave Vent

Venting hot air from the top of your roof only works efficiently if you have an inlet for cooler outside air. Older tile roofs are often OK, with plenty of gaps between the tiles and no sarking, some tin roofs are OK, but to ensure optimal performance of your Solar Roof Ventilation System, we strongly recommend the installation of Eave Vents. The number of Vents required depends on the size of the Solar Whiz unit installed. Recommended number of Vents is provided below:

  • SW-RAF900 = 4 Vents 
  • SW-RAF1400 = 6 Vents 
  • SW-RAF2100 = 8 Vents

It is recommended that you include the specified number of Vents in your online order. All eave vents are bushfire rated as standard.

Vent Models:

types of eave vents


We have experienced installers available in the Melbourne Metro and Castlemaine areas. Please contact us to arrange an installation quote.

Standard installation includes supply and installation of flashing. It is against company policy to install any unit on Asbestos roofs. Installation on flat roofs, multi story premises or roofs with poor access will incur an additional fee.

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