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  1. Baby Bee Maternal Belly Balm

    Belly Balm

    Regular Price: $24.95

    Special Price: $17.47

    Baby Bee Maternal Belly Balm is made from 100% natural local ingredients guaranteed free from petrochemical mineral oil, synthetic chemicals, colours, synthetic fragrances - and irritant preservatives. Containing moisturising honey and rich pure plant oils and waxes that have been tried and tested for generations in every culture, Baby Bee products promote soft, healthy, glowing comfortable skin.

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  2. JoeyCan


    Regular Price: $25.00

    Special Price: $17.50

    JoeyCan collects your shower water for re-use on the garden

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  3. EcoFire Disc x 4

    EcoFire Disc x 4

    Regular Price: $30.00

    Special Price: $22.50

    This amazingly versatile LED disc light can be surface mounted anywhere so there's no need for cutouts. Kit includes discs and power source. Learn More
  4. Eeeniee Mibrofiber Nappies

    Eenee Microfiber Nappies, 6 pack

    Regular Price: $28.95

    Special Price: $21.00

    These nappies easily fold into simple rectangles to fit into any of the Eenee range of nappy products.

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  5. Ecobud Penguin Replacement filter blue

    Ecobud Penguin Replacement filter blue

    Regular Price: $14.95

    Special Price: $11.21

    Please replace the filter every 2 months for maintaining the optimum quality of little penguin. Learn More
  6. Con-Serv Water Flow Cup

    Water Flow Measure Cup Con-Serv


    Different taps give different flows. Taps are given a star rating depending on how efficient they are. Check the star rating for taps in your home using this simple, clever, device. Learn More
  7. Envirosafe The European Wasp Trap

    Envirosafe Wasp Trap

    Regular Price: $15.95

    Special Price: $9.71

    A cost effective and easy to use method to catch wasps. Learn More
  8. Tumbleweed Worm Bedding Block

    Worm Core Brick, bedding block

    Regular Price: $12.50

    Special Price: $8.75

    Starting a worm farm? Don't forget this important ingrediant. Place the worm farm bedding block into a bucket with about 7 litres of water. As the bedding absorbs the water and expands, break it up into an even mix. The worm farm bedding block is 100% compressed coconut fibre (also called coir) produced in the coconut plantations of Sri Lanka. Once the worm farm bedding has broken down (about 15 min) spread it evenly over the cardboard in the base of working tray 1. Learn More
  9. Tea Tree Oil (Cleaning Grade) 200ml

    BTB Tea tree Oil (Cleaning Grade) 200ml

    Regular Price: $34.95

    Special Price: $29.76

    Tea Tree Oil has a myriad of uses in the home, especially as a disinfectant for minor cuts and abrasions and as a multi-purpose cleaning agent. This 200ml bottle represents excellent value for money and an ecologically sound alternative to many other cleaning products. Learn More
  10. Waters Shower Therapy Replacement Filter Cartridge

    Waters Shower Therapy Replacement Filter Cartridge

    Regular Price: $44.95

    Special Price: $29.21

    Replacement filter cartridges for the Waters Therapy Shower set. Learn More

There are 10 Item(s)

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