Sundaya Ulitium Light Solar Kit

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An affordable solar light kit that connects together to form an energy-efficient lighting without needing a mains as power source - Sundaya Ulitium Light Solar Kit comes as 1 to 3 lights kit you can choose.

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From: $150.00

Sundaya Ulitium Light Solar Kits

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The Sundaya Ulitium Light kit systems consist of very simple, modular parts that you can connect together to form an affordable, expandable and energy-efficient off-grid lighting and charging installation. The energy consumption of the lamps are very low (Ulitium : 2.77W) hence they do not require large solar panels, making the Sundaya Ulitium range the best choice for solar DC lighting.

The large multi-LED bulb puts out as much light as a 40W incandescent or 7W CFL, and features 3 brightness settings that allow you to save energy. At its brightest setting, the light will last 6 hours - at its dimmest for as long as 60 hours!

This kit features:

  • A 3.6W output solar panel (Approx 28x28cm) with mounting bracket
  • 4 way hub
  • 1 LED lamp with integrated switch and inbuilt lithium ion battery
  • 4.8 metres DC cable with bayonet plugs.
  • 240 Lumen light output (equal to 7W CFL bulb or 40W incandescent bulb)
  • Built-in lithium-ion battery (2.2 Ah @ 7.4 Volt)
  • 4.8 m long power leads and the pull cord is adjustable up to 1.2 m long

How to install it

The solar panel is designed to be mounted on a rigid pole, on the rooftop, or on the outer wall of your house. A hub is used to connect between the solar panel Ulitium light(s). The actual light is designed to be suspended from the ceiling. Every Ulitium has a Cord Pull Switch with several dim functions. During operation, the lights are programmed to prolong usage by a built-in auto-dim feature.

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