Solar Heating and Cooling

We use a lot of energy on heating and cooling our houses – so it makes sense to use solar energy as much as possible! Here are a few options to consider:


SolaMate solar home heating system SolaMate heating diagram

The most direct way to use the sun to heat your home – a clear, hollow air panel sits on your roof, air passes through and is warmed by the suns rays, then pushed via ducting into the rooms of your house. A simple and effective design that was invented in Australia – featuring on the ABC’s New Inventors program in 2009. Perfect for retrofitting to existing homes or including in your build or renovation. Find out more about the SolaMate here.




Solar Whiz roof ventilatorSolar Whiz solar roof ventilation fan

For roof cavities that get severely overheated in summer – the Solar Whiz is a powerful extraction fan, directly powered by its own solar panel mounted on top of the unit. An unventilated roof cavity can reach as high as 60°C on hot summer days, meaning your airconditioning and roof insulation have to work a lot harder to keep the house cool! As it doesn’t require mains electricity, it can be installed DIY or by a handyman. Find out more about the SolarWhiz here.