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Eenee Compostable Nappies


Australian designed, these nappies are 100% biodegradable. They are the first and only disposable nappy to be endorsed by Compost Australia as acceptable for commercial composting. Wet only nappies can be put in home compost, and number 2 nappies can go to a number of commercial composting operations.

Eenee Compostables are available in:

    • Small (Carton of 102 Nappies or Pack of 34) with 300ml working capacity (2 up to 8kg)
    • Medium (Carton of 90 Nappies or Pack of 30) with 500ml working capacity (7 up to 16kg)
    • Large (Carton of 78 Nappies or Pack of 26) with 700ml working capacity (15kg+)
    • Extra Large (Carton of 66 Nappies or Pack of 22) with 1000ml working capacity (15kg+)

* If buying multiple cartons, you may be asked to pay an additional charge after purchase. We will call you to make payment. Be aware this can be expensive to ship, so if you would like a quote before shipping, please call us. Ph: 03 8395 3030

To achieve 100% biodegradability of the nappy, Eenee has taken the fastener tab part of nappies that is normally non-biodegradable and made it separate to the nappy itself. The Gripper Belts (sold separately) act like the waistband in traditional nappies, they hold the Eenees nappies onto the baby with velcro. Easy to re-use: one gripper belt can replace hundreds of waistbands that were previously thrown away.

Eenee does not sacrifice your babies comfort and health to achieve their outstanding eco-credentials either. You do not have to compromise convenience or absorbency whilst using these disposables.

Eenee has made these nappies;

    • Super absorbent disposable to ensure your baby stays dry
    • Breathable waterproof biofilm to reduce sweating
    • Sustainably made and no harmful chemicals and materials used
    • Slim fit comfortable nappies
    • Disposable nappies suitable for commercial composting, helping to keep nappies out of landfill


Componenents of an Eenee Nappy