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Urban Composter


The Urban Composter is a stylish and compact Australian-made composting bin which turns your kitchen scraps into powerful fertiliser for your garden. All your organic kitchen waste can be broken down in this low maintenance system, even citrus and meat.

Just spray an even coat Compost Accelerator every time you deposit scraps, and use the tap at the base of the bin to drain any excess liquid every few days. This liquid is nutrient rich, to be diluted and applied rich onto your garden as fertiliser straight away.

The airtight design means no odours and no pests.

You can tailor the system to suit your needs, with two sizes available:

  • 15L Urban Composter bucket (29cm diameter, 40cm at back, 35cm at front)

  • 8L Urban Composter City (23cm diameter at top and 27cm high)