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Raven Frame Seal RP7



Draught Proofing is one of the cheapest, easiest and most effective things you can do for comfort and efficiency in your home. The RP7 Frame Seal from Raven is ideal for sealing the gaps that allow air movement around hinged doors and windows, especially with uneven gaps and tight fits, where a traditional draught strip would make it difficult to close.
The RP7 consists of a rigid PVC section that attaches to the jamb with nails (supplied) joined to a flexible section that gently pushes against the door or window to seal the gap.

Suits Window Types

Awning, Casement, Hopper

Suits Door Types

Single Inward Opening, Single Outward Opening

Tools Required

Scissors, Craft Knife or Box Cutter & hammer



  • For gaps 0 to 7mm (compression 1 to 3mm)

  • For around hinged doors or windows.

  • Stops heat, cold, draughts, dust, noise, insects & rain.

  • Rigid & Flexible PVC construction.

  • Colour: Brown or White.

  • Can be painted. Fixings supplied.

  • Door Pack consists of: (1 X 1000mm, 2 X 2100mm).