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Freeplay Encore Player with Solar Panel

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A multi-band radio device with added features to entertain you on your camping trips. Freeplay Encore Player is solar and dynamo powered which makes it ideal for when you’re off the grid. It also has a mobile phone charger, MP3 player and sound recorder feature, along with 2 bright LED lights to help you at night time.


    • Multi-band Radio: FM/AM/SW1/SW2 with LCD digital display
    • Recorder: records directly from radio and your voice directly to SD Card
    • Memory Capacity: standard SD card up to 32GB and over 125 complete audiobooks stored on a single 32GB SD Card Player
    • Mobile Phone Charger:

        • Automatically full recharge a mobile phone with no cranking needed
        • USB compatible 5V 400mA charging
      • 2 super bright LEDs: for reading and task lighting

    Product Specs:

      • Power Source:
        • Self-charge via crank handle
        • Integrated polycrystalline 150mW solar panel
        • External 2W standard solar panel
        • 12V DC

      • Cable: 3m reinforced cord
      • Battery: 3.6V NiMH 1800mAh rechargeable
      • LED: 2 x 50,000 hours life
      • Charge rate:

          • External solar panel:

            • 1 hour provides 6 to 8 hours (approx) radio play time at medium volume
            • 6 hours (approx) of light on bright setting and 12 hours on economy setting
            • 1 hour in the sun provides 10 minutes (approx) of mobile phone talk time

        Note: It will take 5 hours (approx) to recharge a standard mobile phone

          • Winding: 1 minute provides:
            • 30 mins. of radio playtime at low volume and 20 mins. at high volume
            • 50 minutes of light at economy setting and 25 minutes of bright setting
            • 3 minutes of mobile phone talk time and several hours of standby time (smart phones use more power so this will reduce)
          • Adaptor/ DC: 12V Adapter or car charge: 6 - 8 hours max for a full charge (charging battery)

        Note: You should not adapter charge the Encore for more than 8 hours.

        A fully charged battery will operate the Encore Player in radio mode for 30 hours on low volume and 10 hours at high volume. Due to the increased power demand of MP3, play times of recorded material will be lower.

          • Speaker: 4-inch, 5W, 8-ohm loudspeaker
          • Antenna
            • Telescopic antenna.
            • FM and SW: User replaceable 680mm unbreakable flexible steel wire antenna
            • AM (MW): Internal extra length ferrite rod antenna. 5m crocodile clip SW antenna
          • Frequencies
            • FM: 88-108 MHz
            • AM (MW): 500-1700 kHz
            • SW1: 3-10 Mhz
            • SW2: 10-22 Mhz

        • Dimensions of Gift Box: 293mm (H) x 157mm (L) x 138mm (D)
        • Weight: 1601g

        About Freeplay:

        Freeplay has been established since 1994 and now become a part of Euro Suisse Group. They specialise in product development, design and manufacture of clean energy products that use combined human and renewable energy sources. With their expertise in solar, dynamo and energy storage technology, these products are functionally designed for emergency preparedness, aid and development and outdoor use.