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Window Insulation Film


Improving the insulation value of your home will reduce your heating and cooling bills and increase comfort. While most of your house consists of layers of cladding, framing, plaster and (if you're lucky!) insulation, your windows are just a thin pane of energy-transferring glass, leaving big gaps for heat to enter in summer and leave in winter.

Permanent double glazing can be hideously expensive, and while very effective and recommended for new builds and renovations it's not practical for renters or people on lower incomes.

Window Film Insulation kits work by sealing and trapping a thin layer of air against the glass, working like double glazing to slow the transfer of heat through your windows, while being cheap to buy, easy to DIY install and removable. Even if you're considering installing permanent double glazing, you can use this window insulation film to see how much of a practical difference it will make before outlaying thousands of dollars.

Window kits have everything you need for installation: the crystal clear film, and double sided window tape. Guarantees a draft-proof seal. Non-splitting shrink film and tape removes cleanly and easily at the end of the season with no residue. Use a standard hair dryer to shrink the film to fit and provide clear view through.

You can download a study on retrofit double glazing done by Sustainability Vic here Window Film Secondary Glazing Retrofit Trial February 2017


How to Install DIY Window Insulation

    • Or download our info sheet with instructions here.
    • Recommended *for indoor use only* on painted or varnished wood, aluminium, vinyl

* some customers have reported issues with the tape not sticking well to some aluminium window frames. Please ensure you have thoroughly cleaned the frames first with a suitable degreaser such as methylated spirits or pure alcohol and press down firmly over the film and tape with a smooth. hard object after application to ensure good adhesion. A better solution that also addresses the issue of the aluminium frames being very thermally conductive is to make a frame that fits tightly inside the window reveal and sits against the aluminium frame. (Use weather stripping around the edges for an airtight fit for best results.) Apply the film to the frame, even better apply it to each side of the timber frame for triple glazing. Add some offcuts to the front of the frame as handles to make it easy to remove when you want to open the window.

You can download our DIY guide to making these from fly screen frames here.

    • 10 Window Indoor kit contains everything you need to insulate 10 'standard' 3-by-5-foot windows. - 2 sheets of 1.5m x 5.3m crystal clear film & 50m of double-sided tape
    • 5 Window Indoor kit contains everything you need to insulate 5 'standard' 3-by-5-foot windows. - 1 sheet of 1.5m x 5.3m crystal clear film & 25m of double-sided tape

    • 3  Window Indoor kit contains everything you need to insulate 5 'standard' 3-by-5-foot windows. - 1 sheet of 1.5m x 3.2m crystal clear film & 12.7m of double-sided tape
    • Large Window / Door kit contains everything you need to insulate a large window or glass patio door - 1 sheet of 213cm x 305cm crystal clear film & 10m of double-sided tape
    • 2 Window Heavy Duty Kit - 1 sheet of 2.1m x 3m 38uM (twice as thick as the usual film)