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Renshade 1350mm


 Renshade is ideal to stop heat radiating through windows which lowers inner temperature.

    • Keeps heat out - but lets light in.
    • Extreme summer heat is blocked - but not the view (see out, but not in).
    • No blinding glare from the sun - only gentle filtered light.
    • Lowers cooling costs - heat load on air-conditioning is greatly reduced.

RENSHADE can be simply fastened to the inside glass by Velcro spots and is easily removed, rolled up and put away until the next hot spell, or it can stay in position for the duration of summer. The inside foil surface emits or re-radiates only approx 3% of heat into the building. It is not important if the outer reflective foil surface touches the glass. You can also take your roll of Renshade to a blindmaker and have it made into custom Holland blinds for your windows, making it easier to use and longer lasting.


    • Estimated 85% reduction in radiant heat flow – direct sunlight, reflected heat or ambient air temperature.
    • No glare, gentle filtered light. Less damage to fabrics/timber flooring. Assists computer screen reading.
    • See-through insulation - external view maintained with total privacy during daytime - impossible to see in. (Reverse optical effect at night time - privacy requires use of internal blind.)
    • Airconditioning use will be considerably reduced or eliminated. Natural ventilation with cooler evening temperatures plus ceiling fans will normally be sufficient. Lower power costs for occupants and reduced state/national summer peak load electricity demand.
    • RENSHADE sheets can be removed, rolled up, stored carefully and reused repeatedly.
    • Transparent roofing is commonly too hot to sit under – RENSHADE is the answer.
    • Adequate winter light will penetrate RENSHADE to maintain plant growth.

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