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Livos Glouros Cleaner 1L


Glouros Natural Siding and Masonry Cleaner is highly concentrated multipurpose cleaner used for interior and exterior wooden and stone surfaces and all type of non-porous facade: tiles, walls, timber woods, tombstones, decks and furniture. Not suitable for materials sensitive to acid: marble, calcerous stone (e.g. terrazzo).

Glouros is the best choice for cleaning exterior decking prior to treating with Alis decking oil.

This naturally made cleaner is good for removing moss and algae, chalks and cement residue, stains from fungi, cleans salt deposits on facia boards, decks and stone pathways. Glouros can also dissolve oil, fat and protein accumulation completely or partially depending on the surface.

Made from environmentally-friendly materials: Water, citric acid and Reetha extract

Colours: Clear

Sizes: 1 L; 10 L (Please contact us for details and pricing of 10L)


    • Depending on the density and the amount of soil, dilute with water at the ratio of 1:10 for cleaning and at the ratio of 1:5 for after-treatment.

See here the guide for care, maintenance and rejuvenation of :


About Livos:

A German company who have been making high quality finishing oils and paints since 1974. Based on linseed organically grown in northern Germany, with other plant-based oils, resins and natural waxes added to achieve excellent sealing and finishing properties. Read their whole story here.