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Livos Kunos Countertop Oil


Creating a beautiful, practical smooth surface on your kitchen counter tops, chopping boards and dining table will never be hard using Livos Kunos Countertop Oil (#243). Throw away your unsafe paints and varnishes, this sustainable finish is your perfect solution!

Kunos Countertop Oil is heat resistant up to 50ºC so it helps protect the light wooden surfaces from discolouration due to hot cups and containers. As with all of the Kunos range it is certified food-safe so perfect for the kitchen. Produces a matte finish surface if applied once, and semi-gloss finish if applied 2 to 3 times. Water-resistant and transparent finish.

Check out some great photos of Livos products here.

Best finish for solid interior timber surfaces: hardwood kitchen countertops or working boards, benchtops, toys and bathroom furniture. LIMITED USE on veneer, multiplex boards or stained wood or for cabinet interiors.

Made from non- toxic and food-safe materials:
Isoaliphates, Linseed oil - stand oil - natural resin ester, castor oil — natural resin ester, wood oil, linseed oil, natural resin glycerol ester, micronized wax, silicic acid, dehydrated amino sugar and drying agents free of lead (Ca, Co, Mn, Zr).

Colours: Clear

Sizes: 0.05 L; 0.25 L; 0.75 L; 2.5 L; 5 L; (please contact us for details and pricing of 5 L)

Coverage depends on the absorbency and the type of wood:

    • First coat undiluted!
    • First coat: 45mL per m² (1 litre is sufficient for approximately 22 m²)
    • Second coat: 11mL per m² (1 litre is sufficient for approximately 90 m²)
    • Third coat: 4mL per m² (1 litre is sufficient for approximately 250 m²)
    • For spray application: add max 30% of SVALOS Spray Thinner No. 222.
    • Test application is recommended!


Refer here on the guide about Application, Care and Maintenance and Rejuvenation for:


About Livos:

A German company who have been making high quality finishing oils and paints since 1974. Based on linseed organically grown in northern Germany, with other plant-based oils, resins and natural waxes added to achieve excellent sealing and finishing properties.