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Livos Trena pH Neutral Cleaner


Specially formulated for use on Livos oiled surfaces, a biodegradable cleaner generally safe for almost all types of floors. Most regular detergents will strip the oils off the surface which you have paid good money to treat! TRENA pH Neutral Cleaner is Livos’ mild cleaner for standard use, pH neutral and based on soapnut extract instead of regular soap so will effectively clean without damaging the floor. It contains no harmful substances, so is suitable for an allergy-prone home. Highly concentrated - use no more than 10mL per litre of water!

Recommended for all treated surfaces in household: naturally oiled, waxed, stained, painted or finished timber floors and surfaces. Also safe to use for marble, granite and other stoned-floorings, linoleum and cork. NOTE: Not suitable for untreated woods and surfaces.

TIPS: Use GLANOS Natural Liquid Wax Cleaner No. 559 to give new shine and maintenance every 4th to 5th cleaning instead of TRENA.

Made from non-toxic and solvent-free materials: water, reetha (soapnut) extract, sugar fatty acid condensate and citric acid.

Colours: Clear

Sizes: 0.25L; 1L; 2.5L and 30L (Please contact us for details and pricing for 2.5L and 30L)

Add a maximum of 10 ml (1 tablespoon) of TRENA in 1L of water use a clean damp, but not wet mop. Note: When the concentration is too high, it can lead to a matt or raw surface.

*For ongoing maintenance and care of floors and other surfaces we recommend reading the guides:


About Livos:

A German company who have been making high quality finishing oils and paints since 1974. Based on linseed organically grown in northern Germany, with other plant-based oils, resins and natural waxes added to achieve excellent sealing and finishing properties.