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Window Insulation Film


Window Film Insulation kits work by sealing and trapping a thin layer of air against the glass, working like double glazing to slow the transfer of heat through your windows. A great way to reduce your energy bills and increase the comfort of your home. Compared to double glazing they are cheap, easy to DIY install and removable. Even if you're considering installing permanent double glazing, you can use this window insulation film to see how much of a practical difference it will make. Great for people renting. See below for installation instructions.


  • 1 window kit - (1.6m x 1.0m) will cover one window measuring 91cm x 1.5m each, plus 5.5m of 12.7mm wide double sided tape
Further information and Features:
Window kits have everything you need for installation: the crystal clear film, and double sided window tape. Guarantees a draft-proof seal. Non-splitting shrink film and tape removes cleanly and easily at the end of the season with no residue. Use a standard hair dryer to shrink the film to fit and provide clear view through.