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Sanden Heat Pump Hot Water Unit - 250L


This system comprises a Sanden Eco-Plus heat pump unit paired with a 250 litre Australian-made stainless steel water tank.

The 250l tank is suitable for up to 4 people and is one of the most common tank sizes in use. This is equivalent to a 135l gas storage system, by far the most common type of hot water system in metro Melbourne. Gas storage systems have a smaller tank size for the same deliverable hot water because the gas burner starts up as soon as you draw off hot water and it can manage to heat a few more litres of water before the tank runs cold, but not fast enough to keep up with a shower. 

Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump uses industry-leading technology found in refrigeration and air conditioning units, where energy is drawn in from the ambient atmosphere and transferred into heat. An Ozone friendly refrigerant R744 (CO2) absorbs the heat, which then flows into a compressor where it’s converted into a high-temperature gas. The heat is then transferred to the water circulated from the storage tank.

No backup booster is required as the Sanden heat pump is still efficient and effective at sub-zero temperatures, unlike many cheaper heat pumps on the market. We hear many people saying that heat pumps are not suitable for cooler climates like Melbourne, but the Sanden proves them very wrong. Another issue we hear about 'heat pumps' is that they're noisy. Some of the cheap ones are, the Sanden isn't. At just 37dB it's whisper quiet, about the same as a modern fridge. (Measured at 1m from the unit. Check this distance on cheaper units spec sheets, some are specified at 1.5 or even 2m to make them look better)

The result is a system that requires radically less electricity to heat water when compared to conventional gas or electric hot water systems. In fact, this system will save you up to 80%* of your hot water energy costs, year after year. And no, it doesn’t involve cold showers! 

Less energy, less impact on the environment, more savings.

Sanden’s Eco Plus Hot Water Heat Pump technology uses 0.84kW^^ of energy to generate 4.99kW of heat; this is 80 per cent less energy compared to traditional electric hot water systems. When considering that electricity price hikes will continue to hit households year after year, it becomes the best, financially sustainable option on the market.

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