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RediLight Skyfixtures


RediLight is a clever skylight alternative that delivers the environmental credentials and money-saving benefits of solar power with the reliability and modern feel of high-quality LED light. Traditional skylights punch a big hole through the thermal envelope of your building, acting like an unshaded window exposed to the hot Summer sun and bypassing your ceiling insulation in Winter. RediLight solar powered lighting systems provide many of the benefits of a skylight without the serious compromises.

Redilight’s energy efficient light fittings are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes and hues that enhance the décor of the Australian home or office.


Redilight’s energy efficient light fittings are available in a variety of shapes, sizes  and colour temperatures.

They are just one part of Redilight’s amazing skylight alternative - the smart solar powered LED lighting system that brightens dark spaces in the home and office.


Redilight’s energy efficient light fittings are available in four wattage options to deliver the perfect lighting result no matter the size and shape of your room. All the fittings are available in a Remote Control Dimmable version. They can be switched on or off or dimmed down to a comfortable level using the wireless remote control. Multiple fittings can be programmed to work from one remote. Download the installation instructions here.

The 6 Watt fittings are comparable in size and light output to a standard LED downlight. They are installed in groups of two or four but aren't limited to one room. If there is a way to run the power cable and only a few metres between spaces you can separate the fittings, so for example you could have one in a toilet and one in a WIR or cupboard laundry nearby. They are also perfect if you have a long hallway and would prefer a line of lights rather than one bright fitting in the middle. Download the spec sheet for the round here and the square here.

RediLight 6W RoundRediLight 6w Square

The 12 Watt round fitting is ideal for small rooms like pantries, ensuite bathrooms, laundries etc where one ofthe 24W fittings would be too large or bright. (although the 24W fittings can be set to half power if required) Download the spec sheet here.

RediLight 12W Round

The 24 Watt fittings are the standard workhorse of the range. They are available in a round or square recessed fitting and a round surface mount dome or oyster-style fitting. The recessed fittings are designed to be cut into the plaster so they sit nearly flush and are ideal for modern plasterboard ceilings. The surface mount fittings are perfect for older plaster and lathe ceilings where you can't go cutting into the delicate old plaster, or other situations like cathedral ceilings with limited cavity space, timber, pressed metal or other decorative ceilings. Download the spec sheet for the recessed round here, the recessed square here and the surface mount round here.

RediLight 24W Round RecessedRediLight 24W Square RecessedRediLight 24W Surface

The 48 Watt fittings are ideal for office, factory, warehouse or workshop environments where large amounts of light are required in an area. Be aware that they are wider than the typical 450mm residential ceiling joist spacing, so the recessed version is generally not suitable for domestic use. If you have 600mm ceiling joist spacing you can use the recessed version, otherwise you could use the surface mount 48W or simply use two of the 24W fittings. Download the spec sheet for the square here and the rectangular here.

RediLight 48W Square


With a range of finishes and light hues, you can rest assured there is a Redilight energy efficient light fitting to deliver the look you want.

RediLight White Trim

If you want the fitting to simply bring up light levels in the daytime then we recommend the 5000K daylight fittings. The light is crisp and clear with a tinge of blue so it matches the hue of daylight coming from your windows. This kind of light says to your brain 'it's the middle of the day, be awake and alert and productive!', so perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, offices or just living areas that need brightening during the day.


If you're considering one of the Day / Night kits so you can use the fittings after sundown then we recommend the 3000K warm white fittings. They are a softer hue with a tinge of warm orange that matches your electric lighting. This kind of light suggests things like sundown and firelight to your brain, which helps you to wind down and relax. You can use RediLight to replace your existing electric light fittings, solar powered during the day and switched to mains power supplied by the Day / Night kit after dark.

Warm White

You can also mix and match colour temperatures through the home or office as desired.



Redilight’s energy efficient light fittings come with an unrivaled and industry-leading seven-year warranty.

Designed in Australia and manufactured using the highest quality components, you are guaranteed years of trouble-free light.

The solar drivers are manufactured in Australia and certified in compliance with the highest performance and quality standards (RCM Standard AS/NZS4417). You can download Redilight's Warranty policy here.


All Redilight energy efficient light fittings are compatible with the innovative range of smart LED lighting options.

The Day-Night Kit and exciting new Sunline System enable you to simply and seamlessly alternate between power from the solar panel and the grid – either automatically or on demand and the new remote-controlled dimmable drivers allow you to dim the light level as required or even switch the fitting off completely.

No traditional skylight can do that!