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Bio-Gone Biodegradable Ziplock Bags


Biogone are an award winning Australian company recognised for their innovations in bio-plastics.
They have created a truly landfill-biodegradable plastic bag that will biodegrade 95% faster than traditional plastic bags, whilst holding all the same functional properties.

Biogone Ziplock bags can be re-used and at the end of their life will completely bio-degrade in landfill conditions, not adding any plastic waste to our natural environment.

Available in packs of 50.


  • Small: 100  x 180 mm
  • Medium: 150 x 225 mm
  • Large: 225 x 300 mm

Features include:

  • 40 microns thick
  • FDA approved
  • Can recycled with other mainstream soft plastics
  • Can be disposed of general rubbish bin