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Composting Can O Worms - 2 tray


This product has a shipping surcharge. If you think it is too expensive for your location, please get in touch with us before ordering and we'll see if we can sort out a better option.

The Can-O-Worms is an odourless, user friendly system that allows anyone to participate in recycling. Whether you live in an apartment or have a backyard, you can provide organic fertiliser for indoor plants and your garden.

The Can-O-Worms is fly and pest proof and stands on five sturdy legs. It is fun and educational exercise the whole family can participate in.

Diameter/Height/Weight: 510mm/650mm/6.3kg

Features include:

  • Instruction manual with FAQ
  • Worm castings are easy to harvest as the worms move up through the layers leaving their worm-free casting behind
  • Liquid fertiliser is produced and dispensed through a drip free tap
  • Recycles 3-4 kg of kitchen waste every week to lower your carbon footprint
  • Australian designed and made from 100% UV stabilised recycled plastic
  • Easy to assemble design with 2 x large working trays for large processing capacity
  • Includes a ventilated lid, working trays, and collector tray, and coir brick for worm bedding
  • Worm mound in collector tray to assist worm travel into the working tray. 
  • For keen fishermen the unit will breed up to 20,000 bait worms which are easily removed from the top
  • Its patented concept was awarded an Australian Design Award

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