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Sanden Heat Pumps

Sanden Heat pump hot water systems have been setting the benchmark for environmentally friendly efficient hot water systems in Australia since they were launched in 2012. With recent updates to the Heat Pump unit, Sanden has again put its mark on being the number one heat pump hot water on the Australian market.

  • COP of 5.0 (500% efficient on a 20 degree day)
  • Class leading 6yr Warranty for the Heat Pump
  • Equal Leading 15 yr Warranty on the Stainless Steel Tank
  • Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant R744. (GWP – 1, ODP – 0)
  • Whisper quiet running (37dB)
  • High STC rebate on your installation from the Australian Government
  • Additional Victorian government rebate for replacing Electric storage units
  • Lower Energy Used, Less Impact on the Environment, Greater savings for you.