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Vintage LED A80 Filament 3W Bulb


Vintage LED lights are specifically designed to replace the popular 'filament' lamps that have been seen everywhere the last few years, they have a much longer lifetime, higher light output and only use a fraction of the energy, while still putting out a very warm light and looking stylish.

Classic round shape LED light bulb that is perfect for smaller pendants and table lamps - the Vintage LED A80 Filament 3W Bulb comes in two variants: this 4 filament version that uses only 3W or the 8 filament 6W version for something a little brighter. Both are dimmable and you can choose from clear or smoked glass to add a warmer look, available in E27 and B22 fittings.

  • Operates at a low temperature:

Because they're more efficient, Vintage LEDs operate at a low temperature - making them a lot safer, especially for those of us with children. The old incandescents could easily burn your fingers once they'd been on for a few seconds and were capable of setting fire to objects that came into contact with them. Ours, you can touch even if they have been on for hours and typically don't go much above 30C.

  • Amazingly cheap to run:

In fact, if you left a 3W light bulb on for a year it would only cost you $6.55 (at 25c/kWh).

Product Specs:

  • Wattage: 3W

  • Voltage: 240V

  • Dimmable: Yes recommended for use with Trailing edge or Triac dimmers

  • Ave. Operating hours: 10,000 hrs.

  • Lamp Luminous Flux(lm): 300

  • CRI (Ra>): 82

  • Colour Temp: 2200K Warm White or Smoked Glass for a little more warmth

  • Diameter: 80mm

  • Height: 138mm

  • Warranty: 2-year warranty

  • Base: E27 & B22 bayonet

About Vintage LED:

The Vintage LED company supplies and manufactures dimmable old-fashioned style, mercury-free LED lighting and fittings for commercial and household use. Filaments are traditionally exposed to produce decorative illumination - perfect for a vintage theme! This vintage LED lighting is a great alternative to traditional incandescent filament bulbs, which are not at all energy-efficient.