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Furbaby Pet Shampoo Bar


Chemical-free pet care is as important for animals as it is for us, since harmful chemicals are absorbed through the skin in the same way. Your everlovin’ doggie deserves it!

  • rich in moisturising gentle waxes and oils
  • especially for sensitive, dry, flaky skin
  • fights pesky fleas with powerful natural essential oils including Tasmania’s exciting new Kunzea and antibacterial Indian neem oil
  • easy rinse lather for soft, shiny coat and healthy skin
  • 100% biodegradable pure vegetable soap
  • 100% chemical and detergent free – does not strip vital moisture and oils from coat / skin

Why use biodegradeable gentle soap instead of harsh synthetic detergents?

  • Commercial shampoos (human or pet) contain many toxic and destructive chemicals such as the foaming agents sodium laureth sulphate and cocamide betaine. These strong chemical de-greasers strip the hair of up to 4/5 of its natural oils and eventually produce sore, dry scalp/skin conditions and irritate the eyes.Sadly these foaming agents are used because consumers seem to believe incorrectly, that a lot of lather means a shampoo is working well.
  • Chemical detergents-invented only 50 or so years ago-are far less bio-degradeable than natural soaps( which have been used by humans and no doubt their pets! for literally thousands of years) and are harmful to marine life and the enviroment.
  • Detergents pollute our waterways producing algal blooms that kill wild life – essentially doing exactly the same damage as phosphate laden laundry and household detergents.
  • The same applies to ‘conditioners’, which closely resemble the fabric conditioners they started life as, in both structure and chemical content, and simply coat the hair with a form of silicone plasticiser to make it ‘shine’.