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EnviroShop Complaints Handling Procedure

1. Overview

EnviroShop is committed to responding to customer feedback. Responding effectively and efficiently to feedback assists us to improve our services and deliver better outcomes. While we strive to deliver best of service to our customers, there might be times where we may receive customer complaints.


2. Scope

Complaints managed under this policy may be about a:
• Solar system, Hot Water system or other energy efficient appliance
• Service
• Employee/installer/ sales consultant


3. What is a complaint?

• We see a complaint as any expression of dissatisfaction or grievance made to us about any of our products and services or the way we’ve managed a complaint.
• While we try to resolve all complaints in a timely manner, we recognise that some take precedence over others.


4. Our complaints procedure

• We will try to resolve all complaints at the time they are raised. However, if we need to investigate it further, we’ll aim to resolve it, or tell the customer what we’re doing to resolve it, within five working days.
• If the complainant is not satisfied with the decision, we will escalate and expedite the request to higher authority depending upon the nature of the complaint. We are committed to resolving all complaints within 20 working days of receiving them, unless there is a clear reason for extending the timeline.
• If that’s the case, we’ll contact the customer and explain the reason for the delay and give you a new time frame for resolution.
• While a complaint is being investigated and worked upon, the complainant will be provided with updates via phone calls and emails about the progress.
• If the customer is not happy with how their complaint has been resolved, we will escalate the complaint to the next level of management within the company and review it.

To make a complaint, please find our contact details here.

If you would like to escalate the complaint outside the company, The Clean Energy Council, Consumer Affairs Victoria, ACCC, and The Energy Ombudsman’s Details are also provided below.

Clean Energy Council:
(03) 9929 4141
Consumer Affairs Victoria
1300 55 81 81
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission:
1300 302 502
Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria:
1800 500 509