Heat Pump Hot Water

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems use the same basic technology as your fridge but instead pumping the heat out of the fridge, it extracts it out of the air and uses it to heat your water. This results in a hot water system that is up to 80% more efficient than a standard electric hot water system.

Here at EnviroShop, we predominately offer two systems: the Aquatech Rapid/X6 Hybrid System and the Thermann X Split System. We can also provide the Sanden Eco Plus and the Thermann X Hybrid System on request.

Both systems have unique advantages depending on the application you require it for. For example, the Aquatech Rapid/X6 is an all-in-one unit roughly the same size as the Thermann X Split's tank alone. However, the fact that the Thermann X Split has a separate tank and heat pump units enable more flexibility in installation locations with each unit being able to  be located in their optimum locations rather than having to potentially compromise as with an all-in-one unit.

The other significant difference between the two units is that the Aquatech Rapid/X6 has both a heat pump and a traditional electric element in the tank to provide a boost function if required.

Aquatech Rapid/X6 Thermann X Split
Aquatech Rapid/X6
Capacity 213l 315l
Tank Material Vitreous Enamel Vitreous Enamel
Anode Type Non-sacrificial Sacrificial
To be replaced every 5 years
Element 1800W n/a
Dimensions 620mm × 1823mm
Included both tank and condenser
613mm × 1763mm
Tank Warranty 5 years 10 years
Heat Pump
Condenser Size 2.65kW 4.50kW
Refrigerant Type R290 (Propane) R744 (CO₂)
Refrigerant Mass 350g 690g
Refrigerant GWP¹ 3.3 1
Operating Range -5°C to +43°C -10°C to +43°C
Operating Noise 43dB 38dB
Rated Power Consumption 0.90kW/h 0.95kW/h
Coefficient of Performance² 4.24 5.08
Heat Pump Warranty 5 years 6 years
  1. GWP: Global Warming Potential. Lower is better. Note that 3.3 is not a bad figure, older CFCs start at over 4,500 and top out at over 13,000. See the Clean Energy Regulator for more information.
  2. Higher is more efficient.

We can provide both supply and installation of all of the units we offer. All of our installers are fully accredited and are experts in the install of heat pump hot water units Please give us a call on 0424 754 415 to discuss options available or fill out the form below and we will contact you to provide a quote.