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Sanden Heat Pump Efficient Hot Water Systems

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Sanden Heat pump hot water systems have been setting the benchmark for environmentally friendly efficient hot water systems in Australia since they were launched in 2012. With the recent update to the Heat Pump unit, Sanden has again put its mark on being the number one heat pump hot water on the Australian market.

  • COP of 5.0 (500% efficient on a 20 degree day)
  • Class leading 6yr Warranty for the Heat Pump
  • Equal Leading 15 yr Warranty on the Stainless Steel Tank
  • Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant R744. (GWP – 1, ODP – 0)
  • Whisper quiet running (37dB)
  • High STC rebate on your installation from the Australian Government
  • Additional Victorian government rebate for replacing Electric storage units
  • Lower Energy Used, Less Impact on the Environment, Greater savings for you.
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EnviroShop are an accredited Sanden dealer and Installer and have been installing Sanden Heat Pumps in Melbourne, Victoria since 2012.

Call the Enviroshop or fill in our contact form to start a discussion about an efficient and environmentally friendly system to best suit your needs.


Compared to an electric storage unit the Sanden Heat Pump system will use around 80% less electricity to heat the same amount of water. If you have installed Solar electric panels at your property, then you can make use of your own electricity to power the heat pump for free. The Sanden Heat Pump can be program to allow you to control when it operates so that it only runs during the warmest part of the day or when your PV production is at its maximum, even on a Winters day. When replacing an Electric Hot Water storage system with a Sanden Heat Pump, the EnviroShop is able to claim a STC rebate on your behalf from the Australian Government and VEEC’s from the Victorian Government for installing an Efficient Heat Pump. When replacing a Gas storage or instant Hot Water system with a Sanden Heat Pump, the EnviroShop is able to claim on your behalf a STC rebate from the Australian Government for installing an Efficient Heat Pump. These rebates are provided to you as a discount upfront on your quote so you do not have to wait for a refund.

Sanden Install

COP & Efficiency

The reason there is a big push towards heat pumps for hot water generation is the efficiency with which they use electricity and energy to produce hot water. The Coefficient of Performance (C.O.P.) is used to rank a systems ability to produce heat efficiently. A Sanden Heat Pump on a nice winters day of 20°C day has a COP of 5.0, or 500% efficient,  which is a standout for heat pumps.

Gas storage or instant gas systems are between 75% to 90% efficient. Older units drop off by 5-10%. An electric storage system is around 90 – 100% efficient.

About Sanden

Sanden International have manufactured refrigeration and air conditioning technology in Japan for over 70 years and entered the Australian market in 2012 with their Eco Plus Heat Pump system (Update to the previous EcoCute model). Sanden’s class leading warranty of 6 yrs for the heat pump (all electric’s, pump and compressor) and 15 yrs for the tank is a statement that they are willing to back the quality of their heat pump. This makes Sanden the perfect replacement for your Gas or Electric Hot water storage system.

Sizing the Unit & Noise

The Sanden Heat Pump system is split into two parts; the tank and Heat pump unit. This allows the tank to be mounted in place of your existing Gas or Electric Hot water storage system. The tank can be mounted inside underneath the staircase, in a cupboard or in the garage. The tank is available in 3 sizes; 160L, 250L & 315L.

The heat pump is then mounted outside on the ground, wall or roof. This allows for more flexibility on the install location and the ability to keep your exterior paths and yards clear for enjoying. As the Sanden unit is the quietest on the market by a long margin it can be placed near bedrooms or your neighbours without concerns for anyone getting upset. More often than not you will feel the air movement from the fan before you will hear the unit.

Refrigerant-Environment Impact

All heat pumps make use of different refrigerant gases to absorb the heat in the air which is then compressed to generate enough heat to be transferred to the water to provide you with a tank full of 60 degree water waiting for you to turn on the tap. Sanden makes use of a refrigerant labelled R744 which is actually CO2. This is important as CO2 has the lowest Global Warming Potential of all refrigerants on the market. The CO2 has a GWP of 1 and Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) of 0, which is fantastic and make it the most environmentally friendly heat pump on the market. The other commonly used refrigerants used on the market for heat pumps, refrigerators and split systems are R134a & R410A. They are rated as follows, R134a GWP 1430 & ODP 0, R410a GWP 2088 & ODP 0.

What is a Heat Pump

How a heat pump works

Heat pump is a term given to products that are able to absorb heat in one location and transfer it (pump it) to another. One of the most common heat pumps that everyone has in their house is the refrigerator. It uses a refrigerant gas to absorb heat from inside the fridge keeping your food and drinks cool and then releases that heat at the back of the fridge to the air in your kitchen. Now we have two new products that make use of this same principal, but they put this absorbed heat to use. They are the Reverse cycle Air conditioner and the Hot water Heat pump.

Sanden heat pump hot water system

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EnviroShop are an accredited Sanden dealer and Installer and have been installing Sanden Heat Pumps in Melbourne Victoria since 2012.

Call the Enviroshop for a discussion about an efficient and environmentally friendly system to best suit your needs.

The Enviroshop have qualified plumbers to provide Warranty & Service support to your Sanden Heat Pump if ever required.