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14 in 1 Educational Solar Robot

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Bring your kids' science books to life with the 14-in-1 educational Solar Robot Kit from OWI. These solar powered robots are perfect for science projects or just for fun play. Let their creativity and imagination flow out while building these amazing robots that can walk, roll, drive, slither and row themselves around without no batteries - just sunlight.

OWI 14-in-1 Educational Solar Kit has 14 different models that operate by powering their motors with a built-in solar panel.Will operate outdoors under sunlight, will also work under halogen light indoors, but if you still have halogens you should consider upgrading these lights to LEDs!

Suited for kids aged 10 and over, or parents can help out younger ones for a great bonding experience. Components can be re-used over and over again to build all of the different robots from this one kit.

There are two difficulty levels in building the robot kit:

    • 1st level: Turtle-bot, Beetle-bot, Quadro-bot, Boat-bot, Walker-bot, Dog-bot, and Wheel-bot
    • 2nd level: Roly Poly-bot, Auto-bot, Slither-bot, Surf-bot, Zombie-bot, Crab-bot, and Row-bot

Additional features includes:

    • Adjustable polarity on the solar panel to change direction of motor rotation
    • Retractable robot head (can be stored in the upper body, can be installed in the front, top or rear of the gearbox)
    • Transparent housing to see the movements of the gears
    • Solar Panel Output: 1.1V x 75mA
    • Motor: DC
    • Power Consumption: 1.2V x 10mA

Package includes:

    • 1 x gearbox
    • 1 x solar module
    • Snap-together plastic pieces to build the models together with spring terminals
    • Connecting wires
    • Instructions with step by step building instructions