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Hum Bugg Moth Deterrent Bag


Deter moths and silverfish in your wardrobe and drawers with a calico bag filled with all the herbs that they hate! Clothes moth larvae love to eat animal fibres; wool, silk, cashmere, alpaca, camel hair, feathers. Their favourite food seems to be fine merino clothing!

These are our top tips for keeping moths and silverfish free from your clothes:

  • Wash all clothes before storage, they need to be free from perspiration and food (even a tiny bit).
  • Make sure jacket pockets are cleaned out and inspect under collars.
  • Any clothes that can't be washed can go in the freezer or in a sealed plastic bag for a hot week. this should kill any eggs.
  • Vacuum everything thoroughly, all cracks and crevices, don't leave any untouched, they love to hide in dark corners.
  • Make sure all rugs and carpets are thoroughly cleaned especially under furniture.
  • Throw out the vacuum bag, they'll breed in there if left alone.
  • Wipe all surfaces thoroughly too, inside and out.
  • Store all vulnerable clothes in tight sealing plastic storage bins or compression storage bags. Make sure hanging garment bags have any holes taped up.
  • Mothes and silverfish don't like light and movement so don't leave your clothes in the dark for too long. 
  • Keep your eyes wide open for small flying moths in Spring time.
  • And finally set a pheromone trap to monitor if they are in your area.