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Areca Compostable Plates

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Also known as Palm Leaf Plates they are great at for BBQs, picnics, kid's parties or as side plates at weddings.

Made from the naturally fallen outer sheath of the Areca palm tree.

Areca leaf sheaths are carefully collected and sorted. The sheaths are cleaned and processed without using any chemicals, resins or dyes.

These sheaths are pressed and cut to shape in heat press machine.

The trimming process gives a beautiful finish to the products.

This is a product from India. The farmers who collect the Areca sheaths are paid above the industry standard.

Suitable for the home compost.

Love Heart Areca Sheath Plates measure 160mm x 160mm.

Triangle Areca Sheath Palm Leaf Plates measure 200x200x200mm.

Large Round Areca Sheath Plates measure 260mm.