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Autex GreenStuf Ceiling Insulation


This product has a shipping surcharge, of at least $80 to metro areas and more in the country. We will give you a call to arrange a shipping quote after you order, or give us a call before you buy for a quote on shipping to your location. If you are unhappy with this cost, we are happy to refund your purchase.

Autex Greenstuf Ceiling Insulation is locally made in Melbourne and uses thermally bonded polyester with no additives. This can be used for ceiling, internal and external walls and mid-floor cavities. With Autex Greenstuff Ceiling insulation, your house will be warm in winter and cool in summer - saving you money on energy bills.

This polyester insulation is thermally bonded into shape and requires no staples to keep into place. Segments are pre-cut to fit into standard timber frame spacing.

    • Durably made - will retain its quality and performance over time with a 50-year product durability warranty
    • Fire-safe - NZBC compliance including downlights
    • Insect and Mould-free - naturally insect and vermin resistant and protected from mould, mildew and moisture
    • Safe for touching - non-allergenic and does not require any gloves or protective clothing
    • Recycled & Recyclable - made from minimum of 45% recycled PET plastics and totally recyclable at its end life
    • No harmful chemicals - formaldehyde based binders or fibres free and totally safe for breathing

Autex Greenstuf Ceiling Batts and Areas Covered

*Price is per bag, see table for a number of batts and corresponding area covered per bag.

*Call us before ordering to have a shipping quote. If you happen to order before contacting us, we'll call you for an arrangement of extra payment.

If you're in the Melbourne Metro area we have reliable and experienced installers who can also remove old insulation and clean your roof cavity. Contact us for details and to arrange a quote.

How To Estimate The Number of Bags Required:

    • Measure the floor area of your rooms to be insulated, then subtract 10% of the area to allow for framing. (if you have an angled or raked ceiling it gets a little more complicated, go back to your high school trigonometry!)

    • Measure the average spacing of framing timbers. This is usually around 450 or 600mm. If you have 450mm spaced framing, choose the 430mm wide batts, if you have 600mm choose the 580mm wide batts.

    • Divide the area required by the area per pack. Round up to the nearest number of bags.

    • You don't have to be exact with the estimates, there's always extra bits of framing to avoid or other gaps to fill in. Within a square metre or two is fine.

    • Because polyester insulation is safe and non-toxic, leftover insulation can be used to make cushions, pet beds and kids costumes, restuff kids toys, make acoustic control panels, let your imagination run free.

Practical Example on Choosing the Autex Greenstuf Insulation Batts

E.g. We have a 4m x 4m room with a flat ceiling. The framing is spaced at 450mm centres and we'd like to install R3.5 batts.

In this case, we're insulating all the walls with the same type. In a normal house, you'd usually insulate just the exterior walls and consider using sound insulation for the internal walls, depending on room uses.

    • We have an area of 4m x 4m = 16m2.

    • Subtract 10% for framing = 16m2 x 0.9 = 14.4m2

    • Looking up the table, a bag of R3.5 batts @430mm will cover 3m2. So we'll need 14.4 / 3 = 4.8 bags, which we round up to 5.

    • Order 5 bags, insulate away and enjoy the increased comfort!


DIY installing the Autex Greenstuf Ceiling Insulation

About Autex

Autex, an Australasian company based in New Zealand manufacture and develop products specialising in polyester insulation and advanced fibre technology. They are committed to innovating and applying sustainable practices to produce environmentally-friendly alternatives to different market segments. Autex is accredited in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Environmental and Quality Management Systems. That means they have a robust system in place allowing us to monitor and reduce the impact of their business on the environment.

Autex Pty Limited, Australian manufacturing divisions all operate under a zero-waste-to-landfill policy, with all off-cuts and waste immediately recycled, working to eliminate or minimise pollutants in all aspects of business and to reduce the environmental impacts of the distribution networks.