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Barracuda Torch

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There are many cheaper solar torches out there in the market, however you won't be disappointed paying this price for this torch! The quality and feel is superb. Many cheaper Solar torches offer 3 LEDs however they are often dim and the charge doesn't last very long, but not with this little torch. Feel confident when you go camping or hiking and know that you have don't have to carry spare batteries as you can solar charge this torch or use a bit of muscle with the wind up dynamo option.

Enjoy the freedom of mobile light everywhere you go. The POWERplus® Barracuda combines two renewable energy sources at the same time. Charge the Barracuda Torch via the in built solar panel or use the dynamo handle to wind the flashlight up. The Barracuda is a 3 LED flashlight with 3 ultra bright LEDs
which gives a powerful light.

The Barracuda has 3 functions:

• Saving mode 1 LED • Power mode 3 LEDs • Flashing mode 3 LEDs

LED lifetime 3 LED 50.000 Hour

Shine time: After 1 minute winding 3 LED 60 Minutes,
1 LED 80 Minutes, 3 LED Flashing 110 Minutes

Shine time: After 1 hour direct sunlight: 3 LED 90 Minutes,
1 LED 120 Minutes, LED Flashing 140 Minutes

Chargetime fully charged by sunlight = 8 Hours

Shine time 3 LED fully charged = 4 Hours