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Battery Charger Li-ion/Li-polymer


The universal charger can charge most standard range of Li-ion/Li-polymer batteries used to power solar panel kits and devices such as mobile phones, tablet computers, power banks, very thin laptop computers, portable media players, etc.

It has an adjustable battery tray to charge most of any standard rechargeable Li-ion/Li-polymer battery, simply adjust the contact pins on the plate. This has automatic battery voltage, polarity sensing and bad battery detection making this your universal charging solution. the unit can power up both 1 and 2 cell batteries and comes with both mains and car adapters.


    • Battery error detection

    • Automatic voltage detection and polarity detection

    • Adjustable mounting and contacts

    • Adjustable charging current 400/800mA

    • AC power: 240V

    • Car socket power: 12V

Do you have rechargeable Ni-Cd & Ni-MH batteries you want to charge? Get that battery charger here.