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Bio Bums High Absorb Insert

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High Absorbent Inserts

Australian made Bio Bums High Absorbent Inserts are comprised from the highest quality all natural & certified organic fabrics, with a unique folding system aimed to accommodate all types of wetters including boys, girls, heavy wetters & newborns.

Two layers of highly absorbent silky soft Bamboo & Organic Cotton fabric with a thick and thirsty three layered fold out Hemp booster.

Unique Two Stage Folding System

Available in sizes Small & Large for use with newborn babies up to toddlers weighing 16kg and over. The unique Bio Bums Two Stage Folding System allows the insert to adjust in size accordingly as your baby grows which provides the longest nappy life from your High Absorbent Inserts.

Small High Absorbent Inserts - 450ml Liquid Capacity

Stage One Traditional Fold - Newborns & babies up to 6kg
Stage Two Boy or Girl Fold - Babies from 6 - 16kgs

Large High Absorbent Inserts - 600ml Liquid Capacity

Stage One Traditional Fold - Babies from 6kg & above

Click images to see full size folding instructions:

Girl Fold

Boy Fold

Traditional Fold