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Bio Bums Trial Pack


Made from high quality polyester knit fabric, bonded to a breathable & waterproof film makes the Bio Bums Every Day Nappy Cover soft, durable and long lasting. A stylish slim fitting nappy that is comfortable for all day wear and available in a variety of colours. Four sizes allow for that perfect fit on all babies of different ages, shapes and sizes without excess bulk that 'one size fits all nappy systems can create.

Save time & money with reducing the amount of washing required with you cloth nappies. 
This can be achieved by rotating two or three unsoiled nappy covers in between changes with a clean Bio Bums Quick Dry Insert or High Absorbent Insert every three to four hours. After using, give unsoiled nappy cover a wipe and allow to air out whilst not being used. Launder covers if they have been soiled or retain an odour.

Easy Care Washing Instructions

  • Before Washing Nappy Cover, always fasten Velcro laundry tabs on waistband.
  • Covers can be washed on cold or warm and dried in a cool drier.
  • DO NOT USE Fabric softeners or chlorine bleach when washing inserts & covers.
  • Always wash & tumble dry your Every Day Nappy Cover on warm setting before first use with like colours.

    Sold as a single cover or in Trial Packs which come complete with a Deluxe Quick Dry Insert. Also available in Sampler Packs, Birth to Potty & Nappy Bucket Starter Packages 

  • Newborn - 2-5kg / Waist 30-40cm
  • Small - 4-7kg / Waist 35-45cm
  • Medium - 7-12kg / Waist 40-50cm
  • Large - >12kg / Waist 45-60cm