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Bio Living Organic Multi-P Cleaner Spray - CC

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Bio Living Organic Multi Purpose Spray with citrus scent is a non-toxic, antibacterial and biodegradable cleaner designed for a range of areas such as countertops, appliances, woodwork, furniture, upholstery, metal surfaces, sinks, tiles and bathrooms, walls, cupboards, vinyl, and others. It is produced with certified organic ingredients and plant extracts.

Bio Living Organic cleaning products contain no palm oil, unlike many competing ‘natural’ cleaning products readily available in supermarkets. Palm oil is an unsustainable industry that is destroying vast areas of south-east Asian rainforest, and is hidden in many product under alternative names (sodium laureth/lauryl sulphate is a common one, check out an extensive list here).

Bio Living Organic products are based on the extract of soapnuts, which grow on trees and have a percentage of natural surfactants.

    • Certified Organic Ingredients
    • Citrus fragrance
    • Greywater and septic safe
    • Butyls Free
    • Caustics Free
    • Ammonia Free
    • Phosphorus Free
    • Free from petroleum by-products and palm oil

About Bio Living Organics: 

Bio Living Organic manufactures and supplies an ecofriendly range of household cleaning products made from a mix of accredited organic herbs, plant extracts and essential oils. Naturally safe and effectively cleans.