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BioFilta Food Cube 1150x1150x500


The Biofilta Food Cube is a single, 1 square metre,  wicking garden bed.

It measures 115x115x50cm, has a 110lt water reservoir, and a growing soil depth of 315mm, making it a very easy "Drop-Fill-Grow" solution

It is self watering from below via special pegs, drastically cutting water use. The water reservoir self aerates and has adjustable inlets to control the water level.

Empty, the Food Cube weighs 25kg and is easy to install - it has fork-lift slots for relocation when full and is a popular choice for councils and businesses establishing gardens on roads and hard surface spaces.

The Food Cube has clips and slots for additional decorative panels, bird mesh or trellis supports.

NOTE:  Freight and Delivery will vary, so we will contact you about final costs - or you can phone us on 03-8395 3030 or