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Biogone Sandwich Bags


Landfill-biodegradable sandwich bags can be recycled with other mainstream soft plastics or disposed of in the general rubbish bin. Once disposed to landfill biodegradation is accelerated approximately 90+% faster than conventional plastic sandwich bags, producing an organic matter (a natural fertiliser) and no microplastics. 

  • Colour: Clear
  • Carton: 20 packets
  • Packet: Packets of 25 bags
  • Size: 200mm wide x 180mm
  • Thickness: 40 micron
  • Application: Designed to help your food stay fresh. You can use them for your snacks lunches, school, office or picnics.
  • Characteristics: Food grade approved. Microwave safe. Freezable. BPA free.
  • Recyclable: Drop off to REDcycle located at most major supermarkets