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Brightgreen D900+ LED Downlight


The Brightgreen D900+LED Downlight has excellent engineering to ensure a long life (backed by a 7 year warranty), very high-quality light (Tru-Colour means colours are represented accurately and vibrantly) and a high light output (more than 900 lumens). The Brightgreen D900+ is also one of the few LED downlights designed to minimise airflow through the fitting, helping to reduce the impact on your insulation.

  • Winner of Good Design Award - Melbourne Design Award and Sydney Design Award

  • Allows you to customise the fittings: can make a seamless look through installing D900+ trimless, or choose from a range of interchangeable fascias with a simple twist-on, twist-off mechanism


  • Wattage: 16W

  • Tru-Colour: Yes

  • Warranty: 7 years

  • Lumens: 935 - 970lm

  • Dimming: Yes

  • Lifetime: 70,000 hrs

  • Efficacy: 58 - 60lm/W

  • Gimbal Angle: Universal (22°)

  • IP Rating: IP44

  • Color Temp: 3000K

There is a wide range of accessories and options available, give us a call if the standard model doesn't suit your needs.

About Brightgreen:

Brightgreen is an Australian based company that manufactures award-winning, energy efficient LED lights designed to last, not create more waste. Not only are they 98% recyclable, but when they eventually do expire, they'll even buy them back for two bucks.