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Cheeki Stainless Steel Lunch Box


The Cheeki lunch box range has a size to suit any lunch for school or work. From sandwich size (500ml) to picnic size (1.6Lt). Made from high quality, durable stainless steel to help you on your waste-free journey. Flip up clips are easy to open and close for small or elderly fingers. Great for storing left overs, meal prep or restaurant take-aways. Not leakproof but if you team it up with a silicone sheet under the lid you'll have a more secure seal.

Dimensions/Volume: Everyday 170 x 130 x 50mm/500ml, Double Stacker 170 x 130 x 85mm/1Lt, Large 21cm x 15cm x 8cm/1.6Lt

Materials: 100% Stainless Steel box and lid. BPA Free box and lid. No linings or paints used. 

Features include:

  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Freeze with the lid off
  • Do not microwave


Made in India