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Concertina Foil Batts 1350mm

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Concertina Foil Batts insulation helps your home keep cool during the summer season and warm during winter. They come as an expandable concertina segments of aluminium foil coated cardboard, perforated to prevent moisture build-up. They can simply be laid on top of bulk insulation in ceilings, or stapled into place in walls. Concertina foil batts come in 600mm or 450mm widths.

Radiant heat reflection is an important part of insulating, which provides an additional benefit alongside bulk insulation batts. The clearest example of this is the heat radiating from the underside of a hot ceiling in the summer. By laying concertina foil batts over the top of your existing bulk ceiling insulation, you can significantly reduce the heat load reaching the rooms below.

See guide here for range of R-values and important installation instructions.

Use the following guidelines when calculating requirements:

  • Walls:

Check wall height and stud centres.
Wall area less doors/windows = Net Area (m2)

  • Roof Cavities

Roof area + 5% overlapping = Net Area (m2)

  • Number of packs required = Net area (sq m) divided by coverage per pack

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About Wren Industries:

Wren Industries, a family owned business based in Melbourne, Victoria manufactures and supplies aluminium foil radiant heat barrier insulation - the Perforated Concertina Foil Batts and Renshade. These products aimed to block radiant heat while being cost effective and energy efficient.