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Dindi Natural Soaps


These lovely natural bar soaps have been carefully blended with beautiful cold pressed oils including Australian olive, macadamia, sunflower, almond or hemp, along with luxurious plant butters such as shea, cocoa or mango. Choose from a variety of natural scents, aromatically perfumed with pure essential oils to stimulate your senses! The range of vibrant colours is obtained using natural plant extracts and gentle clays - there are absolutely NO NASTIES or synthetic colours/fragrances in any Dindi products.

Handy tip: To stretch the life of your bar soap, keep it well drained - never let it sit in a pool of water or it will soften considerably. Also, alternating with two or more bars in the shower will help to keep them drier for longer, adding significantly to their overall shelf life.

We'll send you a random selection from the wide range of beautiful fragrances. Don't worry, they're all great. If you really want a particular soap, please call us and we'll see if we have it in stock.

    • 100% natural handmade extra virgin olive oil soaps

    • Naturally formed colours derived from plants and clay

    • Perfumed with pure essential oils

    • Variety of scents, vegan options included