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Eco Max Toilet Brush


The handmade Eco Max Toilet Brush's coconut fibre bristles have naturally anti-bacterial properties, making them the ideal natural option for your toilet. The fibres will not become smelly or mouldy, and do not discolour or flatten over time, unlike many nylon brushes. The curved design lets you effectively clean under the lip and S bend with minimal effort.

Eco Max Brushes are vegan, fair trade, biodegradable, and compostable at end of life.

By switching to naturally-sourced and biodegradable products like Eco Max's, you can protect our valuable ecosystems by:
    • limiting the number of potentially harmful chemicals entering into local eco systems
    • reducing the amount of plastic entering into Australian waterways and our ocean
    • minimising pollution and chemical waste created during the production and treatment of synthetic materials
    • fighting the war on waste by limiting the volume of persistent materials being deposited into landfill
For more information on how to reduce your plastic use, work towards a zero waste lifestyle, and create a more efficient home, visit us in our Northcote store or search "War on Waste" (in quotation marks) on our website.