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ecoMaster Draught Dodger Double Hung Windows

ecoMaster Draught Dodger Double Hung Windows

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Draught Dodgers for Double-hung are a unique product designed in Melbourne by our friends at ecoMaster – who are experts in keeping homes warm and free from draughts, and after trying out all the other draught proofing products on the market they decided they could do better, and made their own.

They are a high quality brush seal set in a timber frame that adheres to your window frame. This product is available custom installed or as a DIY solution which can be easily cut to size.

It is fitted on the window frame with strong double-sided adhesive tape so that the brush seal sits against the frame as it shuts, making an air tight seal along all four sides of the sliding sash window while allowing the window to open and close with ease.

Why do I need it?

This is an excellent solution to stopping draughts entering your home through the sides and tops of doors. It’s versatility allows it to seal gaps of all shapes and sizes. Unlike some cheaper draught stopping products, it is designed to last without wearing out or falling off. When properly installed with the correct spacing (a handy spacing tool is provided!), the opening and closing of the window doesn’t place heavy stress on the adhesive, so that the brush strip will last for a very long time.

    • Highest quality product for effectiveness and durability

    • Both reduces noise and eliminates draughts

    • Doesn’t interfere with operation of window

    • Architectural quality design can be painted or stained to merge with the existing door frame

    • Australian owned and manufactured

How do I install it?

    • The Draught Dodgers for doors set comes with:

    • 2 x Draught Dodger Black Brush Seal 2400mm (for the window sides)

    • 1 x Draught Dodger Black Brush Seal 1200mm (for the window bottom)

    • 1 x EMV folding plastic seal 1200mm (for the top of the sliding window)

The black brush seals are installed along the sides and bottom of the main window frame such that the brush runs against the sliding window frame when closed. The folding ‘V’ seal is then adhered to the back of the top edge of the sash window, so that it fills the small gap between the sash window frame and the stationary window frame when closed.


This one double-hung window set will be enough to seal one large or two small double-hung windows.


Draught Dodgers are available for pickup from our Northcote store, or we can send by courier within the Melbourne Metro area for an extra charge of $25. As they are long and fragile, a quality point-to-point courier service must be used, hence the extra charge. For pickup - the 2.4m long sets can actually fit in a hatchback car, they are able to bend slightly! Contact us (03 8395 3030) before purchasing if you have any questions about sending them to you. There is only one $25 courier charge per order, so you can order multiples of any Draught Dodger products at the same time without incurring extra freight costs.

This video makes it very clear where and how to install the components, from Maurice the inventor of Draught Dodgers:

*photos used in the website for this particular product is sourced from ecomaster youtube video.

Shipping & Returns

We aim to ship your order within 2 to 3 working days from our Northcote store. We will let you know about any delays due to stock issues as quickly as we can, and endeavour to keep you informed through the process.

Most deliveries are sent through Australia Post, some are sent via courier services when necessary.

Shipping Costs

Some of our heavier or bulkier products attract an extra shipping cost that will be charged at checkout or we may need to call you to organise payment of a shipping surcharge after purchase. This is generally explained on the relevant product page. If you feel like a freight charge is too expensive or could be done cheaper through a courier etc, please call us and we will endeavour to organise an alternative with you.

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