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Ecoswitch - Energy Saving Standby Power Controller

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Start saving money and stop wasting electricity. Appliances on standby consume as much as 10% of your electricity bill, but switching off or removing the plug from the outlet of your appliances, devices and equipment when you're not using them can be just out of reach. The EcoSwitch standby power controller is a much better and convenient way of eliminating standby power.

No more bending over required. No more reaching behind furniture to cut standby power wastage. No batteries needed. The chance to eliminate up to 10% off your power bill is now possible, thanks to this wonderfully simple energy saving switching device.

The EcoSwitch effectively moves the powerpoint switch to a more convenient location, meaning it's no longer a struggle to switch your appliances off from the wall.

Unlike other standby eliminating devices, this system is all hard-wired and requires no batteries to transmit wireless signals to the powerpoint. Connect the Ecoswitch to a powerboard to turn off multiple appliances at once.

Benefits of Using Ecoswitch:

  • At Home: turn off home entertainment systems, washing machines, home computer setups.

  • At the Office: helps saves money by turning off multiple computers and equipment left overnight and when not in use.

  • Reduce fire risks

  • Reduce your carbon footprint - good for the environment

  • Extend the life of your appliances and devices

  • Commercial Applications: It'll often be difficult for you to switch off any non-essential equipment and machinery at your workplace. The EcoSwitch will allow you to switch off your equipment from a central location of your choice ... why not try hanging an EcoSwitch from overhead?

Other Features:

  • Green light on/ off indication: lights on to remind you to switch it off; lights off to show all connected appliances are off.

  • Control appliances individually or in groups

  • Easy to use, install and re-deploy

  • Robust. Full 10 Amps capacity

  • Works with all 240v appliances

  • Rated 4 stars by Choice magazine

  • Weight: 0.55 kg

  • Dimensions: 34cm x 7cm x 5cm

  • Colour: Black, White

Simple EcoSwitch Installation:

  1. Insert the EcoSwitch plug into the power outlet on the wall

  2. Insert your appliance or powerboard into the EcoSwitch socket

  3. Put the switch somewhere easy to see and easy to reach.

See here for more info and visuals about EcoSwitch and know how to use it.