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Home Energy Efficiency Kit

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 *Please note that these kits are made to order and require at least 1.5 - 2 weeks to put together. Feel free to contact us via email or phone if you have any questions.

Conveniently packed in a travel case - a set of simple instruments to help you assess the efficiency of your home.

1 x Power-Mate Lite (10 Amp) -  provides instantaneous and cumulative measures of power consumption, running costs, and greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, it projects these values going forward per hour, per week, per quarter and per year.

A simple menu allows the user to enter their own energy cost and greenhouse gas values (these will vary by location and power supplier). The Power-Mate Lite also provides technical measures such as supply voltage, current, power, VA and power factor.

1 x  Tiny Non-Contact Thermometer - slightly larger than a AA battery, it provides accurate temperature measurements without touching anything. Useful for checking many refrigeration and heating appliances. Obtains temperature reading in less than a second

1 x Energy Efficiency Indicator Thermometer - a  handy mercury tube thermometer to help you check your fridge, freezer, heating, cooling, and hot water systems are running at the optimal temperatures.

1 x Water Flow Measuring Cup - by placing the flow rate measuring cup under the running water and slowly pulling the handles apart until the water level stabilises, you can work out the flow rate of any outlet.

An additional popular product that goes well with the kits is the FLIR TG267 Thermal Camera